The age we are living in is full of Big Data. We today, are surrounded with the heaps of big data. The digital media has taken over the market completely and thus have submerged everything into the ocean of data. Content, in this matter, plays a great part in this data accumulation and sourcing.

Content, if not the sole, is the most important runner in the digital media world. Content in today’s world, however, doe not only means lengthy articles and blogs but it has taken various forms. Video blogs and infographics are the new age content model.

Infographics, to be precise is one of the most efficient and compelling data form in digital marketing in the present era. While you can see a lot of blog posts, designs, and videos with some amazing and compelling content, infographics are increasingly becoming one of the major fore-player in the content marketing strategies.

However, infographics are not something new. We all have been surrounded by the compelling infographics right from childhood. Remember various animals, good manners, birds, vegetables, etc charts we use to paste in our primary class classrooms? They can be seen as the simplest form of infographics. In today’s time, there is not a single day when your Facebook feed does not show multiple infographics. Thus, their use ranges wide from education to business.

What is an Infographic?

In a nutshell, an infographic is the combination or blend of great content, designs, and analytics. An infographic can also be perceived as the visual piece of information with minimal text. It can be anything from charts, graphs to tables or image contents.

The goal of an infographic is to display and convey the idea and essence of the information in the visual form so that one can perceive a certain conclusion. However, they are different from the data visualization in specific and technical manners and have a different purpose too.

Etymologically, the word “Infographics” is made up of “information” and “graphics” which itself gives a very clear meaning. It projects a piece of information in a visual way to increase its comprehensibility. With time, the purpose and use of the infographics have evolved rapidly.

It has now become integral to the digital marketing strategy and the content marketing strategy alike. With the right creation and use of the infographics, you can leverage many benefits for your campaign. Below listed are some of the uses of the infographics in the contemporary era.

Visuals are easier to be processed

It is the fact well known that the visuals can be more easily processed than text by the human brain and hence, the very first advantage of the infographics comes from here. As per the statics, the human brain processes the visuals 60,000 times faster. That’s surely a whopping number and an astonishing one too.

This makes for the reason as to why a well designed and carefully crafted infographic works best in customer and prospect engagement.

They are hence more compelling and attention grabbing which instantly connects the potential customer with your brand and compels them to know more.

The high potential of getting viral

Due to the easier perceptibility and attractiveness of the infographics, it is more prone to getting viral on various social media platforms. Social media has evidently become the major platform of digital marketing and successfully promoting your data on social media is one of the biggest achievements for any business.

Due to easy sharability and attention-grabbing capacity of an infographic, it can easily become viral on various social media platforms hence increasing your brand awareness and adding to your brand image. This helps further in the customer engagement and lets you connect with the wider audience.

SEO Benefits

Due to the viral nature of the infographics, it also has some of the SEO benefits. Many people are hastening the advantages of the infographics for link building which makes for the higher reputation in Google’s algorithm. Increasing the importance that the search engines associate with your website, you can easily accelerate your growth.