Everyone wants to rank number 1 on google, isn’t it? For any small to big business in today’s day. It is very important to have a strong and visible presence over the internet. The search engine ranking is one of the very important aspects in this regard.

Google is one of the major search engine platforms in the world and ranking your website on the first page of Google is something which can bring you a lot more traffic, leads and even more customers. That’s how the businesses work today. By improving their SERP ranking, they get closer to the audience and hence the chances of heavy traffic for their website increases manifold.

If you are the one in the lookout for such traffic for your website, you need to work diligently on something, especially search engine optimization. Here, we ReadColors being the leading digital marketing and SEO agency brings to you some of the best tips to rank your website on the number one page of Google.

SEO is an aggregation of systems and strategies used to expand the traffic to a site by getting a high positioning in search results or Google’s SERP. A significant element of SEO is making your site comprehensible for the users as well as search engine robots.

Google’s computer calculations powerfully figure out which website page on the Internet is the most important for a particular set of keywords or phrases and thus what should be presented or ranked on the top. In the same manner, Google’s algorithm decides the ranking of 2nd, 3rd, and henceforth other websites or web pages. The subsequent rundown of site pages is known as a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

So, now that you’ve got into a nutshell of what is the Search Engine Result Page, we’re sure that you pretty much want to be on the top of it.

Read below to find out how you can do this with some simple strategies and SEO game. Try it now, thank us later!

Correct, revise and organize your CSS

Organizing your CSS is one of the very important steps when trying to rank your page on number one on Google. Google’s algorithm is very strong and intelligent and hence it quickly catches and matches what is relevant and what is not. An organized CSS is a great step to keep away the bugs or any loopholes from your site. Organized CSS also helps in maintaining a better Search Engine Optimization.

Anything you desire to segment off that is confronting clients should be balanced in the CSS, and that is effectively practiced by putting each area of substance inside DIVs. While this doesn’t directly affect SEO, it makes your CSS simpler to check. You can likewise utilize CSS id names as links, and these do straightforwardly influence your SEO.

Spend on Google Ads

As in any other thing, the easiest and simplest way to rank on Google’s Page 1 is to pay for it. You can run a Google Ad for a particular keyword and your website will be shown on the first page of Google. You can likewise set an every day spending plan so when your financial limit is met, Google won’t demonstrate your advertisement any more that day so it won’t be tapped on and you won’t be charged.

For most enterprises, this is a cheap and simplest approach to appear on Google’s first page. While to some extent this method does help, it is not always wise to spend for ranking when you can achieve it by some smart and diligent SEO. However, Google Ads are very helpful if you want immediate results and have enough resources for the same.

Use the keywords smartly

The keyword is the foremost and important thing when one is trying to rank on the number one of Google’s Search Engine Result Page. One needs to pay attention to how keywords are being used. The right keyword density in the content should be kept carefully. Also, include the keywords in the first 100 words of your content but do not overdo it to do what is known as keyword stuffing. If you use keywords .

The perfect spot to begin placing the keyword in an article is inside the initial 100 words. There are numerous to whom these fallen into place without any issues, however, countless bloggers incline toward a long introduction before concerning with a keyword. This is imprudent as Google wouldn’t think that its significance in the query items

Use keywords smartly everywhere

When you are targeting any keyword, make sure you have a well planned and a full-proof strategy for that. Use your keywords everywhere so that Google recognizes your website in the best way possible. Use your keywords in Title, Meta title, Meta description as well as URL. These simple yet tricky use of keywords will do a lot in improving your visibility on any search engine.

Mobile optimization

Most of the audience that many industries target is using the internet through their mobile phones. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for mobile, you are already loosing more than 50% of the traffic Mobile optimization is one of the most important things in today’s digital era. Along with retaining the target audience who are browsing your website through mobile, it also helps in improving your ranking on google. Google recognizes if your site is mobile optimized and ranks it accordingly.