Pay Per Click, also known as Cost Per Click is an advertising model, made for internet platform either PC or mobile and is used to direct traffic to websites. The advertiser pays the publisher to make the ad active when it is clicked. There are many types of PPC ads but the most common is paid search ad.

When anyone searches for a service online over a search engine such as Google, for instance, pizza or any software for your computer, it triggers Pay Per Click Ads.

In order to bring your ads along with search results on top of SERP’s, advertisers have to invest in Google to automate the process and give maximum customers. PPC advertising has other forms such as display advertising and remarketing.

Although basic PPC ads are simple to manage but many advertisers do not know the advanced skills with which they can get the best out of Pay Per Click services.

Given below are a few tactics that can work universally towards lead generation, call to action and growth of business overall.

Effective usage of Keywords and search terms

The use of keywords is not enough when it comes to conversion of a click to a potential customer. But sometimes the keywords are not the driving force for conversions and in that scenario, the search terms help get the desired results. A single keyword can act as a window to many search terms which attract traffic for the website. If we look inside the Adwords Search network campaign, search terms are used more than normal keywords in an average.

Once we start focusing on lowering the search term to keyword discrepancy, we regain more control over the other metrics to care about in managed AdWords campaigns.

Try creating single keyword ad groups from the search term reports and extract what can be from the automatic placements reports and segregate your social PPC audience as much as possible. This means it is actually a mix of the search terms rather than keywords that are actually getting you conversions.

Traffic Temperature of PPC Ads

With a successful ad campaign with PPC marketing, there’s a good chance of starting the AdWords Search network by having text-based ads shown up over Google’s pages.

And as with every other ambitious Digital and social media marketer, it is required to expand your reach to take advantage of other PPC channels. Display networking and Facebook are few examples is other PPC services with which you can list your ads on Google.

The simple technique of directing traffic from the ads to other platforms such as social media profiles is working around the trends related to PPC advertisements.

Not all PPC advert leads are relevant or worthy of conversion and hence there is a need to devise a strategy. Different visitors who are redirected from different PPC channels may have different intents. It is therefore important to match the call to action (CTA) offer with the intent of the visitor.

Traffic temperature needs to be neutralised with the opposing type of temperature of PPC Channel. This means, if the traffic is cooler we need to treat it with hot deals such as coupons, checklists, infographics etc.

Optimize for sales and not conversions

There is often a misconception that the visitors directed from the PPC channel are the result of successful PPC services and have served their purpose. But the aim is to focus on getting sales rather than just generating conversions. Once we have effectively brought into use the keywords and search terms and then matched the CTA offers with the dynamics of the PPC traffic, its time to keep the process of generating sales. Once we pair up the leads data with the sales data, we’ll be able to more aggressively bid for certain types of PPC traffic. And also they have a higher likelihood of leading to sales.

This means that within the Search Network campaign, the keywords start acting like they have different PPC channel temperatures and the marketer should start considering them individually. Based on their conversion intent and also the fact that how the CTA offer is most receptive to the PPC channel.
Great PPC strategies are often unseen by the eye as they are too common to find. It is up to the competitors of what they are willing to do to work towards increasing their sales.

At the end of the campaign, the end goal is to move your leads into sales, which equals money. It is extremely naive to say that there are any secrets to a successful PPC Ad campaign which are actually secrets of the trade.

Many digital marketing agencies make use of such services to drive potential customers from these Ad campaigns. For instance, blogs can also be fitted with certain CTA tactics to redirect the visitor to more informative and relatable content. Read our other blog, How to optimize a blog for SEO? to make your blog effectively searchable on SERP’s.

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