Digital marketing in the present scenario is leading the online world. It has taken the online businesses by storm by introducing several new techniques of marketing and reaching a mass number of target audience at the same time.

Google analytics and google search console are the two tools which help digital marketers in improving and enhancing the performance of their website and letting it reach thousands and millions of people to improve the conversion rate. The first and the most important thing in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a technique used to improve the ranking of your website on google. The more you rank, the more are the chances to connect efficiently with your target audience. SEO has become a common term among the people who know even a little about digital marketing.

Google analytics and Google Search console are very effective and amazing tools to enhance the conversion rate and be more precise in your strategy and techniques.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, previously known as the Google Webmaster tools or Google Webmaster Central was launched in 2018. The period it was rolled out for beta testing made it a highly successful, efficient and useful tool and it became one of the most popular tools to check and improve the SEO planning and strategy.

The best part of it is that you do not have to sit long hours on it in order to arrive on a clear conclusion and plan. Just 15 minutes before planning the day’s strategy are enough. The effective and the right use of Google Search console can result in a highly productive strategy and more organic traffic.

The main task of the Google search console is to track how the site is performing on the Google SERPs and how can it be improved or maintained to perform better. Google Search engine result page is an important destination to rank for any website in today’s world. Here are some of the tips to use the Google Search console the right way to drive maximum organic traffic.

Check Google Search Console inbox regularly

No matter how irritating and pestering the web notification and messages may be, you must not skip checking the Google Search console inbox. It gives you updates and insights on how your website is ranking on google presently, what are the loopholes and how you can improve it. These short updates and messages can help you get a deeper insight. It also lets you know that where does the problem lies and you can help derive strategies to overcome it. The alarm and alerts of problems also allow you to start your day with a goal and challenge. It helps to set the pace of the day right from the start.

Website Monitoring with Google Search Console

You can do an all-inclusive and extensive website monitoring with google search console. Google Search console can measure various parameters and aspects and provide different insights for your website.

You can leverage these measures and craft a strategy that works for you. Some of the things that Google Search console measures are how much access Google has to your content, troubles with spam or malware, content success and visibility, how many search queries result in your website appearing in SERPs, how many queries direct the considerable traffic to your website, how many sites link in directly to your website, monitoring the mobile site performance.

How to use Google Search Console for effective communication – Data Highlighting

Google Search Console can be used for effective communication with your target audience. It helps you to interact with the search engine in a better way which helps to communicate effectively with your audience.

Google Search console uses data highlighting to highlight the important dates, stats or other important and significant information that it recognises. It supports various formats of data which engages the users and audience. These include articles, events, Products, Films, TV Shows, Books, Restaurants, Local Business information, Software Apps and so on.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and useful tools that offers to help you step-up your SEO. It is the most popular free Google tool that helps you to get a deep insight into the visitors on your website. There is a number of ways in which Google analytics have been helping people to analyse the traffic on their website.

Measure the internal site reach

This is one of the best benefits that you can leverage from Google Analytics. One can create a custom report in Google Analytics and it can include as many metrics you want. The internal site in Google analytics tells what potential customers are looking once they arrive on your website. It also shows the area where there is a great growth opportunity. You can use it to plan strategy accordingly. A little customization also allows you to track the internal site reach on google analytics.

To know the demographics of your audience

Google analytics also shows you the analysis of the demographics of your audience. It helps you to identify the age, gender, device, location and interest of the audience reaching your website. It also reveals how audiences were landed on your website. The indicator that it shows here can be used further for planning an effective and productive marketing strategy and it is one of the vital results for any SEO marketer.

It helps you check conversions

What use are of all the efforts when you’re not achieving results. Google Analytics help you track if you’re achieving the goals you’re working for. You can customize and set your gal according to your business needs. And when anyone visits your site and complete the task set by you, the success rate of your conversions increases.