The role of Social Media in Digital Marketing is quite clearly visible over the times. Social Media has evolved to emerge as one of the greatest digital marketing platforms.

With changing trends, the use of social media has also undergone several changes and thus the social media strategies for digital marketing have also evolved. One of the prominent features of Social Media is the use of Hashtag.Originally used on Twitter, the Hashtag culture has now expanded to spread through various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram as well as Youtube. Being a digital marketer in this age, it is important to know everything about this digital marketing tool if you want to excel the social media marketing.

What is a Hashtag?

A Hashtag is a keyword or a set of keywords which follows the “#” symbol or the Hashtag symbol. This works at segregating and categorizing your posts. The trend was initiated by Twitter and followed by Facebook and Instagram.Putting a personalized or a custom Hashtag at the end of each post on social media accounts will that all your posts come before a potential client when he or she searches for your company with that custom hashtag keyword.

It is one of the most effective and productive marketing tool which have a great potential to bear fruitful results. There are mainly four types of Hashtags used. We’ve briefed about each of them below. You can choose the hashtag that fits your requirement the most.

Industry-specific Hashtags

The Industry specific Hashtag may contain the name of the company, general terminology associated with the industry and so on. This is a broad term keyword and can include anything pertaining to that particular industry.

Examples of this type of Hashtags for the digital marketing industry may include #DigitalMarketing, #EmailMarketing, #ContentMarketing, #SEO, #SMO, #LeadGeneration, etc.

Location-specific Hashtag

This can be sub-divided into the broad and the specific Hashtags. The examples of the Broad category Hashtags may be #NewDelhi, #India, #Gurugram, etc.

The specific Hashtags generally have the #(place)+(Profession) formula. For Example, #GurugramDigitalMarketing.

Trending Hashtags

This category of Hashtags contains the current popular Hashtags. They generally do not remain in trend for a long time and keep changing from time to time.

These can be used seasonally at the times of festivals like #DiwaliLights, #ChristmasVibes, #FoodFestivals, #NewYearParty, etc.

Custom Hashtags

The custom hashtags can be anything related to your company and business. This could include your company’s name, company name+services and so on.You can use them in every post. Creating a custom Hashtag would help in creating brand awareness.

Benefits of using Hashtag

There are multiple benefits of using the Hashtag for your business. In addition to channeling your post in one place when people search with the ‘hashtag keyword.

When you used various types of hashtags mentioned above in combination, it can help you to realize various marketing and business goals.We have attempted to give you a brief insight into some of the benefits of using Hashtags for your business.

Great for Campaign promotions

Hashtags can do wonders in the campaign promotions. Use the hashtag which resonates with your brand and service and is also unique at the same time.This type of Hashtag used for campaign promotion should be chosen smartly to catch the immediate attention of your potential customers.

Expose your business to a new audience

Using custom Hashtags can help in exposing your business to a new and wider audience. Hashtags open new opportunities for your brand to be discovered by a new set of target audience and following the same hashtag may help in acquiring a larger base of potential customers.

Do it the creative way

A creative and out of the box Hashtag idea can actually accelerate your business. The more people like your customized hashtag, the more they will become interested in your brand and the more will be the chances of great customer engagement and acquisition. Therefore, think for something which is most relevant to your brand and service and in the most creative way.