The evolution in the marketing place is evident and as the change is inevitable, no business can resist being influenced with it. The digital media has set a new landscape of everything from retail businesses to service-oriented business. The emergence and flourishing of the e-commerce portals have completely transformed the marketing techniques.

Every person in today’s world tries to find a solution to anything on the Internet. The importance of your brand presence in the digital world has already been talked enough. Digital marketing techniques and strategies provide a wide scope for your business growth. It is also seen that digital marketing is more cost-effective than conventional and traditional marketing. It also offers visible conversions that profit your business.

While the importance of digital marketing for any business has been talked and discussed enough in the recent years, it is also important to note the importance of transforming and molding your strategies according to the seasonal marketing requirements. Festive season brings in enthusiasm and excitement in the consumer population and hence, the selling market has a high chance of growth and revenue collection this season.

It is also reported that approx 20% of the yearly sales take place during the important and infamous festive season such as Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy and cheer. It is also the time of sharing and caring as people exchange gifts and well-wishes. From the business point of view, this gives a great opportunity to various brands and products to increase their sales.

Christmas is an important time, especially in western countries. Therefore, it’s an important time to leverage your sales. Smart and intelligent marketing strategies will help you to make the most out of this important time in the cultural, traditional and business world.

It’s also the time when people use the search engines the most for finding various things, be it gifts, decorating accessories and ornaments or dresses. It is thus important for the businesses to be prepared for the Christmas and deck up their marketing strategies to win the war that rages in the online world on arrival of the festive season.

It is recommended to start planning and implementing early, to extract the most benefit out of your Christmas sale. With Christmas vibes already diffused in the air, it’s the high time to set yourself in the motion. We have enlisted some tips which will come to you as Santa, gifting the increased sales for your business this Christmas.

Seasonal PPC Words

During this season, you need to bid even more heavily than the entire year. Also, avoid targeting keywords which are too common and will be highly targeted by most of the businesses. You need to be smart, intelligent and ahead in your approach. You need to effectively research the season keywords and make a curated list. Google Adwords may work best in doing this task.

Add some Christmas flair to your branding

Christmas is the time to be jolly. You’ll see the market decked up with Christmas lights, decor and carols. The online market too, needs to resemble this Christmas atmosphere. Create an aura that gives out Christmas vibes to your customers when they visit your website or the online portal.

Incorporate some Christmas theme in the backdrop of your home page. You can also adjust the company logo in the Christmas flair. If not much, this will ensure the customer that you are an active and up-to-date brand. It subtly helps in improving your marketing strategy during important festive seasons like Christmas.

Christmas themed updates

In this digital arena, people tend to spend a lot of time online. During the time of Christmas, anything catchy related to it will surely catch their attention. Therefore, post updates and blogs on various topics related to Christmas, This will also help in improving your SEO ranking and helping your customers discovers you soon.

Unique offers for loyal customers

Sale, discounts, and offers are something that has never failed to grab the attention of the consumers. The Christmas time is one of the most appropriate ones to execute this strategy. Promote your brand by launching exclusive offers and discounts on your products. Hold giveaways, distribute vouchers and coupon codes and promote them on social media. This will ensure that your conversion rate goes high to a considerable number.

You can also hold contests online and offline both and distribute the Christmas discount coupons to the winners. This will allow you to engage your customers with your brand and while improving the brand reputation and awareness, it will also help in accelerating the sales.

Email Marketing campaign (with Christmas flush)

It’s the great time to hold Email marketing campaigns, in the Christmas theme of course! The email marketing campaign is one of the most useful ways to inform your customers about the exclusive offers and discounts you are giving for the Christmas season. It is sure to engage your customers and there are high chances of conversion during this time.

Keeping your emails personalized and speaking directly to your customers may also help in this regard. You can also consider targeting your customers geographically if you have location-based store offers. Create festive content and offer some coupon codes in the mail.

Tagline or subject line of the email plays an equal or rather, more important role for successful the conversion. Keep it relevant, witty, short, informative and most importantly, festive! This type of subject line will urge the consumer to open and see the content of the email. For example, if you have some extraordinary discount offers on your products and are running an email marketing campaign for the same, taglines like “Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is here!” would work great!

Create a sense of Urgency

Incorporate countdowns in your digital marketing strategy. This will create a sense of urgency in your customers and they will be guided to purchase the product before it gets back to the original price. This works on psychology on the consumer population and is seen to increase sale most of the time. You can try something like, “only 10 days left for grabbing your favorite dress at an unbelievably low price”

Promote gift ideas

This is another great way to engage your customers. Post videos and blogs which promote various gifting ideas for the festive season. You can post some tips on different ways to wrap gifts of various shapes in a beautiful manner. Post the blogs which talk about the relevance and symbolism of a certain gift and pursue your customers to buy the product.

Make your Christmas jolly and merry by increasing your sales. The digital market keeps changing trends and keeping your strategy updated with the change will fetch you heights in the competitive market. Follow the above tips and watch your sales accelerating. Merry Christmas!