In today’s digitally competitive world, everyone wants to rank high on google. This has become one of the most important methods of generating more traffic on your website. While ranking high on google will not only help your target audience identify you easily and quickly, it will also work a lot in improving your brand image as a whole.

As more people will get to know you, you will get more traffic on your website and hence your sales will eventually increase, generating more ROI for your business. That is why search engine optimization is gaining a lot of importance in today’s world. It is impossible to rank high on google and to improve your brand visibility without doing an effective SEO on your website.

The search engine optimization is generally done in two different ways, one is the on-page SEO and the other is the off page SEO. Both of these techniques are vital for generating more traffic to your website and ranking in among the top on Google and other search engines.

A search engine is nothing but a set of algorithms which uses the keywords used on your website to identify with a user’s search query. The more you optimize your site with the right kind of keywords used in the right proportion, the more will be your chances to score higher ROI and traffic.

In this blog, we have attempted to go deep inside the quick, easy and effective strategies for the on-page SEO. On page SEO basically involves the meta tags, websites development, blogs and so on. There are multiple aspects to its usage and benefits. The year 2018 saw a breakthrough in digital marketing.

There are a number of SEO agencies which works best to the client’s satisfaction. Many businesses do not have an in-house digital marketing team but this is something which is required for every business in the present era. That’s the reason there are many digital marketing agencies which cater to these needs for various businesses. Gurgaon is a hub for digital marketing. There are many best SEO companies in Gurgaon which will deliver the desired results,

The excessive use of search engine to know the answers to various queries ha sled a more deep need for an effective SEO technique for any business. Online presence has become an important part of generating traffic and avoiding the same is like a big mistake which you should never afford to make. Below mentioned are the few tips which are highly useful in on-page SEO techniques, make sure you use them wisely.

Headings, Subheading sand titles

Optimizing the headings, subheadings, and titles is a very important and one of the first things that you should do while performing on-page SEO. It is one of the basic things which includes keyword research and title optimization. The title, heading, and subheadings, all must contain a keyword as these are the most searchable content and if you miss adding the right keyword here, you may lose a big share of traffic. Using the PPC titles in your keywords is also of great use. It will help optimize your site manifold. Meta descriptions are also one of the most important parts of on-page SEO. USe your meta descriptions wisely as this is going to be the first content which will pursue the user to click on your website and will drive traffic. So make sure that your meta description is highly optimized.

Site speed optimization

Your website speed also plays a major role in creating a strong influence on visitors. There are a number of things that you can do in order to increase the speed of your website. Decrease the number of images on your website as the images take the maximum time to download. Reducing the number of plugins and Php conflicts also helps in optimizing the site speed. Getting a good hosting provider is an ideal way to speed optimize your site.

Link building

Interlinking your pages with the relevant keywords and information can boost the ranking of any website. Keywords again play a major role in doing this. The right kind of keywords used in the right place will help your website to perform better. Link building is an essential On-page SEO technique which you need to master in order to get the google algorithm to identify your website as an amazing one! Internal and external linking both are highly useful in this aspect.

Create a good network of social media profiles

Social media optimization, along with the SEO can prove to produce results beyond expectations to generate more traffic and leads to your website. However, social media optimization is a different thing and we are not discussing it here. But, it can do great work in assisting the search engine optimization. It helps in providing a number of backlinks to your website and also creates reliability among the users towards your business. The number of social media profiles you will have, the more will be the number of backlinks to your website.

Creative and customized 404 error page

One of the reasons that a website gets a lot of bounce rate is the 404 error. If your website has a number of webpages and is huge, there are chances that you may get this error often. When people encounter this, they simply leave your website, causing an increase in the bounce back rate of the website. The good and a smart way to avoid the trouble is to create a creative and innovative 404 error page. You should also add a call to action button to this page which will take the user to another web page of your website. The attractive looking 404 error page will not disappoint the user and will hence help you in sustaining the traffic.

Blogging – high-quality content

Blogging is undoubtedly an essential SEO on page activity when it comes to generating traffic. Keep your content fresh, useful and best. This means you should include a number of right and best keywords as per your business and also post the content regularly and frequently on your website. Blogging also helps in generating the backlinks to the website and will also provide good content to be shared on social media platforms.

Mobile friendly website

It is a fact well known and obvious that most people browse the internet through their mobile phones. We live in an era where the maximum population is glued to their mobile phones in their leisure time and also use it to search for any query they want. Mobile friendly websites are thus an important SEO on page factor which increases your ranking. If your website is not mobile optimized, you can lose a heavy amount of traffic! People will not be able to browse your site through mobile and this will result in a drop in the ranking on search engines.

These are just a few techniques you can use to optimize your website as per the search engine algorithms. The development of these strategies has led to making SEO techniques more convenient. You can employ these and other methods to achieve results which are not only impressive but is also highly productive!