Internet marketing or digital advertising and marketing have completely changed the scenario of the world we live in. It is very common for every person using the internet to encounter several advertisements and pop-ups during internet surfing and browsing.

While these may appear very common to an individual, they have a great role to play and are an integral part of any digital marketing services. Digital marketing generally has five pillars.

They are search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, and content marketing. Under these four, there are several things that need to be managed and strategized properly to obtain the great results. PPC or the pay per click advertising is a component of search engine marketing service.

Why PPC campaigns are so important?

It has a very vital role to play and if planned and executed properly can impact your ROI quite considerably. It is an internet marketing model used for driving more and more paid traffic towards your website. For every click on the website, the publisher gets paid.

This model has rapidly come under great use and many digital marketing agencies are leaving no stone unturned to get it all in the perfect place. There are number of PPC management in Gurgaon which are delivering great results and are increasing the traffic to the concerned website.

Having discussed the significance of the pay per click service, let us now shift our focus on how to create a successful campaign with PPC services. While many PPC services Gurgaon or the pay per click advertising agencies in Gurgaon would do a great job in this for you, we’ve some briefing for you.

The first step

The first step in every task is to set realistic goals. The objective of your campaign holds great importance. While planning the strategy for your campaign, the objective should always be kept in mind. This is important because, for every objective, the ad strategy should be planned differently. This, in turn, will help you in fulfilling your goal.


The next very important thing to consider is targeting. You need to target an audience in a very precise and specific manner. Choose the most relevant audience for your ad. The two main types of targeting include geo-targeting and device targeting.


Geographic targeting lets the ads to appear in the specific location of your choice. This can be any country, city, a radius around a location, or location groups, etc.

This helps in focusing your ad in a specific location and thus to the specific customers. Filtering out the locations where you may not find the considerable target audience of customers will help in boosting and optimizing the ROI.

Device targeting

In this type of targeting method, you target a specific audience based on the type of device or network they use. This may include the audience using android mobile phones, audiences using the ios mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.

Filtering the target planning on the basis of this method can help you reach to the audience using a specific device and operating system which is more relevant to your ad campaign.

The right platform

The major step lining up the next is choosing the right platform for your PPC advertising campaign. While choosing the right social media channels to play a significant role, other platforms like Yahoo, Bing, and Google etc should also be chosen wisely.

For example, Google Ad words is one of the advertising interfaces which is highly useful in planning and publishing Google ads. Bing Ads and Facebook ads also provide some very useful interfaces for a successful PPC campaign.

Keyword research

Keywords are an essential and most significant element of any digital marketing campaign. It also has a very important role to play in a PPC campaign. Create a list containing core keywords when you plan your campaign.

Also, this list should constantly be refined and expanded according to the long-tail, low cost, and highly relevance keywords. Keywords, as discussed, are the core of any Pay per Click campaign and thus selecting the best set of keywords is the most important aspect of your effective PPC project.

Keyword research tools

Research the keywords or simply the phrases that your targeted audience are actually searching to look for a specific product or service you are marketing. This can also be done by using different keyword researching tools.

Google keyword planner is one of the best tools to use for this purpose. Bing’s Keyword Research Tool is another great tool to consider. Keyword Discovery, SEO Book’s Keyword Tool, WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool, etc comes next.

The effective ad copy

The next step is to write an ad copy which is quick to grab the attention of your target audience. This determines the success of your ad campaign. An effective ad copy should contain at least one of the core keyword, attractive discounts, and promotion if any and a call to action button.

Schedule your ad

The time of publishing your ad is also determinant to the success of your PPC campaign. Choose a right time slot and schedule your ad accordingly. The ads perform differently on different days and different hours.

Therefore, scheduling your ad according to the most suitable online days and hours for your business this helps in increasing the exposure for your ads. Adjusting your bid for the less performing hours and days is also advisable.