LinkedIn is often considered a social media platform only meant for job seekers and employers in India. It is a great platform to connect professionally and not just look out for jobs. People with similar interest can be found on LinkedIn having multiple connections which can prove beneficial for B2B marketers.

Not many people know the technique to convert LinkedIn connections to valuable leads for their businesses.In order to test LinkedIn’s potential, one needs to know how LinkedIn has to be monitored and how its trend in the social media market differs from other platforms.

Marketers in Gurugram are unaware of the amount of information available on LinkedIn and therefore don’t know how to use it to their advantage. During the recent advances in the social media marketing pattern, B2B marketers and Digital marketing agencies in Gurugram are carefully choosing their target audience with the help of relevant leads through LinkedIn connections.

Here are listed some ways you can generate more leads and traffic for your business through LinkedIn.

Turn your profile views into business

There is a feature in LinkedIn called the “someone has viewed your profile” which according to LinkedIn expert John Nemo can be missing out on generating valuable leads.

As quoted by John himself, “once you find someone worth reaching out to (meaning a person who you think is your ideal prospect or customer), you can open his or her profile in a new tab, scan it to quickly find out some additional personal and professional information about him or her, and then invite him or her to connect.”

Reach out to them and learn why they visited a certain profile and get to know their potential of being interested in any products or services.

Sign up for the new “ProFinder” service

The exciting new feature “ProFinder ” in LinkedIn can be signed up as a freelancer or an independent professional. This feature is inspired by the freelancer finding websites Upwork and Fiverr and allows business to take advantage of LinkedIn’s user data to find highly recommended professionals for a job.

This can be used to get the most relevant employees and results based on the business’s requirements as employees also count as leads for the company.

Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn’s prime usage appears during the mid of the week rather than Facebook or Twitter which is active more on weekends. LinkedIn is intended to connect to the employees or colleagues for professional purposes.

The trick with joining LinkedIn groups is that it requires marketers to join groups outside the industry of likes of their own. This results in increasing leads from not just the similar interest sphere but also from outside and helps in expanding your reach. For instance, if a social media marketer is joining a group he/she could not just join groups with social media enthusiasts but also groups like any digital marketing agency,PPC services in Gurugram or content marketing firms.

Contribute to the LinkedIn groups

Merely joining the group is not going to be of any use unless you participate or contribute to the group in some way. Be strong with your advice and opinions in your field of expertise and make sure that you make good connections. Pose your authority on any topic with people and ensure that they connect to you personally more intimately. Making connections is not to be mistaken for sales and marketing, keep it personal, helpful and inspiring.

Experiment with LinkedIn direct Ads

LinkedIn’s advertisement program can be used to drive new prospects for the landing pages of your website, LinkedIn groups or other destinations. LinkedIn ads work the same way as Google’s paid ad service. If you pay Rs 100 to LinkedIn for a clickthrough ad and if it takes 50 clicks for it to get a customer it takes 50 clicks to get the customer. If the customer is investing Rs 5000 then the Rs 500 spent on the ad is a good way to gather the above return of investment through the ads.

The ways LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and grow your business are countless and the prospects of expanding your business don’t just depend on Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketers and SEO practitioners are making use of newer techniques every day to innovate and create great user experiences.

In August 2018, a survey of 5000 social media marketers revealed that 40% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn more than Facebook which is beaten by 3% than LinkedIn and Twitter beaten down by 25%.
As LinkedIn’s potential is being recognised, it is being used 23% more by experienced digital marketing agencies and social media marketers.

Digital marketing professionals and social media users in Gurugram are making use of other methods along with LinkedIn to grow their business such as Influencer Marketing.

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