There are many reasons why you would like to increase traffic to the website. It could for monetary reasons, to gain more public exposure or to show off your skills. Even bloggers want to see their sites develop, evolve and grow. In recent days’ blogs have become one of the most fascinating and popular platforms upon which individuals may sell their wares, offer advice or simply journey about their daily lives.

Using effective tactics that boost your blog traffic is the first step in achieving a variety of goal. Those objectives could include selling products and services, building brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader or to connect and network. The goals can be anything like traffic that provides visibility to engage and sell.

This is still important despite the allure of social media with all its hype and bluster, real and imagined.  Social media since arriving on the scene has offered bloggers two core and very important capabilities that were not part of the web landscape until social media turned up.

Here are the few easy ways to increase traffic to the websites.

Create Audience profiles to understand your users

Before you start creating content for your blogs, it is important to spend a little time by understanding the audience target and what they are looking for. You can quickly build an audience framework by understanding these things,

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems are they facing that you can help solve?
  • What kind of content are they looking for?
  • How would they ideally try to find the answers to their questions?

Answering these questions will help you get a clearer picture of your target audience

You can also expand on this by adding further personalized questions such as:

  • How old are they?
  • What are their occupations?
  • What is their education level?
  • What is their expertise level in the subject matter of your blog?

Ensure the blog works properly

Regardless of how many readers hit on a blog, if the blog is not working, as it should, visitors will not stay, and in most cases, will not return. It can be frustrating and off-putting for readers to visit your site and discover that the page refuses to load.

Find a high-performance web host that load your web pages fast and you’ll be on your way to impressing visitors by having a consistently visible site.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Google will penalize your website or blog in its search rankings or blog if it takes longer than two seconds to load.

Optimize your websites for search

You will need to first focus on finding the effective keywords that help to boost the traffic on your websites and that may represent your niche to base your blog content and store page on. Typically, you need to choose one or two keywords per webpages.

You can even use SEO tools to help you to find the relevant keywords. Focus on the keywords is the main thing because they have a search volume of 10,000 searches per month. After a few months of creating blog content and optimizing product pages and then you can even focus on going higher volume keywords.

The trick to getting websites traffic is to build a strong foundation of relevant keywords first. So, be sure to take advantage of the blog on your online store as it can have the biggest impact on driving organic traffic to your website.   

Create content for Slideshare specifically

By creating content Slideshare specifically and promoting it, you can land up on the popular content sections of their homepage which drive great traffic. For this, you have to make sure that you link back to your websites from Slideshare too.

Target relevant forums with content        

If you can get content or a product to go hot on a site like Hacker News, Reddit, or ProductHunt you can literally get tens of thousands of visitors and often signups and sales.

Use tactics to grab your readers’ attention

Before start writing blogs think about something that could be unique to your websites and also useful to your readers. Understandable, this can be tricky. But you could still write something about the users wanted to read and that could touch their desires or expects. You could even write something that other bloggers have already covered it but make sure your version should be exceptional, unique and better than the existing posts perhaps you can take a different angle also.

Keep your blogs always fresh

You need to give some quality time to keep your blogs always fresh and also don’t let your design go stagnant either. It will need a revamp every now and then an improved design can also help you to boost your traffic. So, create an inviting blog environment that is packed with eye-opening facts and information.

Having a popular, successful blog takes patience, time and focus. It also takes hard work and determination. Some of it is luck too, but following easy pointers like these will help you on your way. Just be consistent and persistent so, keep at it. Eventually, you will see the results that you want.