Don’t Focus on Quantity, Focus on Quality

There is too much content on the web, so much so that most of us are not going to read it. So don’t focus on just writing and regurgitating the same information that is already out there. Make sure anything you are writing is new and unique. Actually the web is craving for new information. Very few people are writing something that is unique and has not been out there before. If you do that you will get more social shares, you are going to get more backlinks, you are going to find that your blog posts will rank higher on google. So don’t focus on writing every single day. You could write once a week or once a month and just focus on writing amazing high quality posts.

Respond on Comments

When you get comments on your blog, you need a respond. Think of a blog as a communication channel, if a friend was talking to you and they ask you a question and you don’t respond that will be rude. If someone leaves a comment, you should at least respond with thanks even if that doesn’t say much and if you are not getting any comments, at the end of your blog post end it with a question mark or by ending it with a question statement, you will find thay all encourage more comments.

Encourage Conversations

The way you do this is make blog posts conversational. You want to use the words You and Iwithin your blog post. By using the words you and I, it makes your blog posts feel more like a conversation such as wouldn’t you love how to double your search engine traffic, I know I would. Everyone says search optimisations hard, but you know what, it’s not impossible and today I am going to share with you how I doubles my search traffic and you can too. By creating a conversation you’re going to get more comments. You also find that when keep it blog posts between five and six lines, it makes it easier skim and the easier it is to skim your content, the more comments and conversations you’re going to create.

To convert traffic into customers/Leads

Most people like my blog getting all this traffic but I’m getting no sales, no customers you know why? It’s because you are not adding call to actions. So put call to actions in your sidebar that drive you to my services page or my homepage and it’s a great way to generate more leads and sales.

Start collecting Push notifications

Push notifications is easy way to get people back to your site. Using tools like subscribers is a great way to get people to subscribe just with a click of a button. Then when you release a new blog post, you can notify and through push notification you can also promote your products or your services.

So you need to write unique, amazing content, just push people from your blog to your products and services to call to actions or collect emails or leverage push notifications. Actually it’s a combination of all those things that will make blogging do well in 2019.