Digital marketing is a term which has consistently become more than famous among every business today. Real estate industry is also not untouched by it. For the real estate developers and construction companies, it is important to advertise and connect with their target audience well.

Why Digital Marketing is important for a real estate business?

The present scenario is such that people rely on the internet for everything. For the big financial decisions like buying a house, the internet is one of the major platforms which is the first point of research for many potential home buyers. Therefore, if you are not active enough or have a good online presence, you may miss out some of the major potential buyers for your project.

Like in any industry, the real estate market can leverage many benefits from digital marketing. As more and more people are being active on various social media platforms, especially social media, a great social media strategy would certainly work wonders in helping you get more engagement for your projects.

Digital media is a vast space and so it creates an opportunity for both, the buyer and the seller to find each other. The key is to keep a smart and effective approach towards it! Social media was one of the first game changers for realtors and developers seeking to connect with prospects online. From running Facebook Ads to sharing photo albums of their projects and new listings, various social media channels have allowed real estate professionals to build a brand and become a booming business.

Going by the statistics, it has been observed that over 50% of the home buyers rely on internet searches and trust the brokers or developers who have a good online presence. The trend is ever growing and it is also suggested that by 2021, entire property searches would be internet drive. So, can you now ignore efficient digital marketing for your real estate business? Certainly not!

Effective and productive Real Estate Digital Marketing

Being a leading digital marketing agency in Gurugram and having a full-fledged experience in real estate digital marketing, ReadColors presents some of the major indispensable strategies for ‘real estate digital marketing’.

Proudly leading the Digital real estate marketing trend, we’ve gained exceptional insight into what it takes for making your potential customers find their dream house in your project! Mere engagement is not enough, you need to present yourself in a convincing and influencing way to make yourself the first choice of any potential home buyer. For this, you need to dig into the goldmine of social media and search engine. This is what we do for you!

To market your real estate business online in the most efficient way, here we bring a perfect guide! Read below to explore the best trends and practices which will enlist you among the top real estate companies most preferred by the property purchasers. Once done, you’re more than halfway to success!

Create a website that speaks for itself!

The first thing that a buyer would research on the internet for your company is the website. A clean, dynamic and functional website is a must have and also an initial step towards generating more leads through the internet. Your website can also serve as a virtual market place for property seekers to discover many options. It can also be used to direct the traffic to your sales team through a query form or a call to action button. In any case, you just can’t ignore it.

While creating a one, there are few things that you must remember. The user experience should not be compromised. Keep your site simple, easy to navigate and pleasing to see. Also, you must add as many details about your company as you can. This will help you to build a kind of trust with the potential buyer.

The most important thing, however, is to give detailed and clear information about your projects. Mention your USPs in an efficient manner. Post the pictures and listing of your open projects and encourage your prospects for a two-way conversation with design and development.

SEO and Content Strategy

Another thing which is very important when it comes to online marketing is Search Engine Optimization. The entire research on the internet today is the Search engine drive. Therefore, if your website is not optimized for the search engine, you probably won’t appear anywhere and your potential customers would not be able to find you. Invest your time and resources in an efficient search engine optimization. Target the keywords which are highly fit for your brand and work for local SEO to score a high ranking on Google and other major Search Engines.

Content is another major thing which accelerates engagement. You need to be very careful and particular about your content strategy. For example, you can narrate the story of how you come up with a real estate brand and how your journey has been so far. This too is a great strategy to build a connection and trust with your potential buyer through a conversational mean.

Blog posting is also a major section which is included in an effective content strategy. An informative and engaging blog which is maintained regularly and consistently helps in holding the potential buyer in a grip. Post blogs about the recent trends and changes in the real estate world consistently. Use them for building internal links and targeting the top keywords of your industry. This way, you’ll leverage the dual benefit from blog posting.

Create a Virtual tour to engage and impress potential buyers

Another recent trend in the digital industry is the virtual tour. People have become so much dependent on the internet that many of them also prefer to see the images or take a virtual tour of an apartment or property than visiting there physically for an initial decision. Therefore, creating a virtual tour for your website is one of the important things that you must not miss.

It has been observed that hosting virtual tours generates about more than 40% of revenue. It is also a nice way of interacting with your target audience and engaging with them by displaying the actual tour of your apartment or property. And again, it contributes to building trust with the potential buyers.

Invest in Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook and Google ads are the next milestones in the digital marketing world. In the present day, more than half of the businesses in many industries. Invest in producing Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

From website conversion ads to lead ads and carousel ads, an intensive posting of videos, images and ads drives the site and queries. This is one thing that builders or developers must try to build their marketing strategy. Facebook also allows an in-depth targeting by demographics, age, and other aspects. Also, you can target your website visitors and those you have engaged with your post making the probability of selling the property even higher than before.

Ads in regional languages have also started to make a turn, and marketers are leveraging this to build more effective marketing strategies for reaching larger target audience. When a potential home buyer reads an ad in his regional language, they develop a kind of trust with the seller and is more likely to make the purchase decision.

The email marketing campaign to connect well

An email marketing campaign is highly efficient in reaching to the large target audience. Develop a well-planned email marketing campaign which will funnel the potential clients through well-predetermined actions based on their previous engagements and the buyer’s profile. Send them newsletters, blogs and educational articles. This also helps in keeping them engaged with your brand and building a brand image.

Social media strategy

In any industry, planning a social media strategy to online market your business or brand is completely unavoidable. The power and influence of social media have risen to a great level. Therefore, if your brand does not has a great social media presence, it is most likely to miss o many great opportunities. Also, planning a social media strategy which involves group postings, image sharings, videos about your brands and projects, blog posts, website links, contests, etc can actually get you some major engagement! You can also include the virtual tours of your project in the ‘social media strategy’. Target many channels including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. All these are highly beneficial in digital marketing for a real estate company. Build a hashtag strategy, post the high-quality photographs of your project and post regularly to build a boosted engagement.

Testimonials and reviews

In any business in any industry, testimonials are crucial and important. Add a testimonial section to your website and encourage your past buyers to add a review for your service and recommend it to their friends and relatives. This is an important factor which does not only builds brand image but also helps in building trust with the developer. In many cases, the first thing that people look for on a website is their testimonials.

Your testimonials are actually proof of your work. It helps people recognize you as an established and reputed real estate company. Also, in an industry like real estate or property which involves taking big financial decisions, one is very careful about the reputation of the seller. The reviews, comments and ratings, being the testimonial of your trusted, reliable and amazing service will help your target audience to identify you as the right one.

So do not forget to add and promote this section. In addition to this, you can also ask your past buyers to add the google review and facebook review about your business and give you ratings, Your ratings are actually checked by the potential buyers and it word as one of the major driving force for making the decision while selecting the builder.

Choose the best real estate digital marketing company for helping your business reach success

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