“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”. – Seth Godin.

Today for many consumers a brand is the set of expectations, memories, and relationship. It’s not about how good a product is but how beautifully it’s fulfilling the needs of a consumer by keeping those expectations into consideration. Thus, it is essential to have a great Content Marketing Strategy to attract the customer to your brand.

Before switching directly to these strategies, let’s talk about Content Marketing; it is a phenomenal way of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to acquire a clearly defined the audience.

“A good marketing scheme makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart”. – Joe Chernov

In today’s world, people have a strong appetite for the good and impressive informative about the product they are looking for? People always look for a great content which can help them to make a good decision. Nowadays customers are less responsive to the traditional advertising, according to study 70% of customers concentrate on the article to learn about the brand.

Thus, it’s important to have great content marketing strategies to promote any brand. Now, you must be wondering about how to prepare a good content marketing strategy and what are the factors keep in mind while planning it. So, here are steps to have a great Content Marketing Strategies:

  1. Set Your Objective:

The content you are creating should clearly support your objective. If you are selling any product, a complete informative guide would be something that could prove popular to users both on and off of your page.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience:

It’s very important to identify your targeted audience and social listening is an amazing way to learn about their views on not only your brand but also about your competitors. You need to find out what type of content, social network, and blogs your targeted audience is interested in. It will help you to figure out what to create and the way of distributing it.

  1. Content Audit:

Now you need to research your topic. You should have a look at what has worked in past? What has not? Make your mind for what to keep, discard and update. Find out the most popular keywords for your area of expertise.

  1. Plan and Create:

Before creating your content, you should keep few things in your mind that your content should incorporate catchy headline and the keywords for search. It will also help when you convert visitors into customers through a strong call to action button throughout the content page or through on-site promotion.

  1. Publish and Amplify:

Once you have successfully published the content, now its time to promote it through marketing channels and make sure it should be shareable for the visitors as well.

  1. Analyze the Data:

It’s important to find out the performance of your content; you can use Google Analytics to figure out and can see the demographics of who is visiting your content, where they are from and what they did on your site.

“The best way to sell something is don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who must buy the product”, that is what Content Marketing Strategy helps you with.