Nowadays with a seemingly endless number of websites, it is close to impossible to achieve good traffic unless you will use appropriate SEO tools. However, there are many such tools available online. So, people feel overwhelmed when they need to choose the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

SEO is a marketing related discipline that focuses on increasing visibility in organic search engine results. It is used for driving traffic, improving rankings, and increasing recognition of your newly created websites in search engines.

SEO is also about ensuring that your websites are structured and designed in such a way that the search engines will understand and thus make it easier for people to find your websites. The most important is to increase or boost the websites with respect to traffic using some appropriate tools and right keywords.

SEO is one of the most important parts of digital marketing which involves improving a website to the higher rank on a search engine. The higher a website ranks in search results, the higher are the chances of it getting clicked by potential visitors.

Here, you can find more about the powerful tools, the ways in which they can help you, as well as the best options to choose from.


  • Ahrefs: SEO keywords tools

It is one of the most recommended SEO tools online and is the second largest website crawler after Google. Its site audit feature is considered as the best SEO analysis tool around us. The site audit feature by Ahrefs helps you highlight the parts of your websites that require improvements and updates. This will surely help you to achieve better search engine ranking.

You can also use Ahrefs to sneak into your competitor’s backlinks and this will also provide you a starting point when launching your own brands or products. Most of the marketers use Ahrefs to determine the most linked content within a particular niche.


Search Console by Google allows the users to monitors and report on your website’s presence in the Google search engine result page (SERP). It is helpful for SEO tools that aid the users to identify duplicate metadata, number of indexed pages, security issues and more. You have to search for traffic and then search analytics to get a keywords list for which currently rank on websites. Using Google Search Console, you are in control of what gets indexed and how your website is represented with a particular account. It is easy to use and provides helpful data and information you can use to achieve your goals. There is also a Search Console mobile usability report, which is an amazing way to highlight the URLs that have usability issues for a mobile user and the reports consists the issues, URLs where the issue exists and actionable insights to resolve the usability problem.


  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO tools

SEMRush Marketing SEO tools have incredible features and it is used by top digital marketing companies in India. Using this SEO tool, you can easily access your rankings, challenges in rankings, and new opportunities to capture better rankings. Analytics report from SEMRush helps you to better understand the website’s traffic, search data, or even your competitor’s website. It also allows you to compare the domains and keywords you are trying to rank for.

The On-Page SEO tools allow you to easily monitor your rankings as well as find some recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.


  • KWFFinder: SEO Keyword Tool   

KWFFinder SEO keyword tools provide great features and it helps the users to find long tail keywords that have a lower level of competition. There is a rank tracking tool that helps you to easily to determine your websites your ranking and also tracks your improvements based on key metrics. This tools also suggests a ton of keyword ideas which you can use and make your website at a higher rank. It compares the keyword suggestion like volume, CPC, difficulties, etc.


Serpstat is an all-in-one digital growth hacking tools o help you to optimize your SEO, PPC, and content marketing campaigns. This SEO tool has many features such as collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, determine the value of keywords, check the relevance of your website, analyze keyword trends and many more.


  • MOZ: SEO software

MOZ is an SEO powerhouse including keywords recommendations, site crawls, performance sights and all things you will get in MOZ. its chat portal is highly advanced as it provides an insightful response to every question asked. MOZ itself up-to-date the latest Google algorithm changes.

The MOZ toolbar can be downloaded for free and this allows you to see your store’s metrics while browsing any page. The page optimization features you exactly what steps are required to improve SEO for every single page for your websites. Moz’s SEO tool improves the business as it provides increased transparency. Comparing your website to competitors on the basis of traffic and optimization has never been so easy.


  • Yoast SEO: Best free SEO tools

Yoast SEO tool is very user-friendly and can easily help you to make your content SEO-ed. It is the best SEO plugin for you. Using this tool you can optimize meta tags, content, generate sitemaps and much more.

It has the most advanced XML sitemaps functionality and it also the users full control over site breadcrumbs.


  • Bonus Tool: Fat Rank

Bonus is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses when it comes to finding their Rank in Google’s SERP. This will provide you with an opportunity to optimize your website for a particular keyword you are trying to higher rank for your websites. Fat Rank is a chrome extension and also extremely accurate and live. This is free and most of the top digital marketing companies in India are using these free online tools.

These tools help you to ease the process of optimizing your websites for search engines. The only thing is you need to find the best SEO tools for competitor analysis to get ahead of the competition.