The world of social media is constantly changing and every year it is bringing new social media techniques, ideas, and unspoken rules. One of the biggest problems marketers face when they started with inbound marketing is website traffic. The competition for traffic has now increased dramatically with the rise of internet marketing and it takes to a steady flow of website visitors.

In the social media world, the word “engagement” gets thrown around a lot, but few of the digital marketers actually know how to achieve it. But engagement is just not easy to produce. You will have to be well in engaging. In your business niche, the most important thing is the “like my page” approach which is probably not easy to achieve.

If you are serious about growing your business, then you need to get serious about upgrading your lead generation strategies. So, here are 7 social media techniques that will generate more leads to any social media optimization companies.


  1. Build an incentive-based referral system

The word of mouth marketing is still an important strategy as it is ever being. It is the way in which people spread the good word about your company. If anything, the referral systems have become even more useful among modern lead generation strategies, since they are easier than ever to quantify and track.

The best possible thing you can do to harness the power of referrals is to get granular with your details.

Sell a product or service online. Create customized referral codes for individual clients and prospects, a new client gets a discount for their first purchase, and your loyal client will get a referral discount, too. This works particularly well for online retailers and this way, you will be able to know exactly who is sending business your way, and which leads are converting to clients.

  1. Promote gated content

Promoting gated content on social media is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. Social media is a great megaphone to get your content out in the world and by developing a post that directs to a landing page where users are prompted to fill out a form. you can also generate new leads and nurture existing ones in your marketing database.

One of the most critical components of this method is to ensure your social posts provide content that captures the interest of your followers. Use images, gifs, or stats to visually tell the story of your content.

  1. Host a tweet chat and Live stream

Going live is a great way to directly interact with your followers and engage with them in real-time. By answering questions, gathering feedback, and generating awareness about your products or services, live chats give you the opportunity to position your brand as an expert in the industry.

You can also drive cross-channel traffic by directing participants to branded content, landing pages, and offerings. There is also one way that you can encourage engagement is to gather a list of all participants at the end of each chat so we can send them a shout out for participating.

  1. Paid social ads

With recent updates too many social network’s algorithm, advertising ion social media platforms becoming more important than ever. These updates are made to give users a better experience so they will see less promotional content and more of the relevant content that they want to see.

This means that, as a marketer, you will need to supplement your organic posts with paid promotion to get your posts seen. Each social platform has unique demographic criteria that allow you to target ads like location, job title, age, industry, gender, etc.

  1. Create lead-swapping relationships

Sharing leads with related social media optimization companies is another one of those lead generation tactics that have been around the ages but it is still super useful when modernized.

If you are on friendly terms with a company that attracts the same clientele as yours, consider swapping leads from time to time.

But to make this tactic work now, you have to digitize these swaps to make the most of them. Taking a “big data” approach to beneficiary relationships will help to go far beyond having a big pile of telephone numbers to cold-call.

  1. Polls and surveys

Rather than assuming what your audience cares about, just ask them. Your followers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge, and polls offer a unique way for people to express their opinions.

This is a fantastic way to get feedback on how people are using your product, what their pain points are, and what they had like to see on your roadmap. You can even offer incentives to increase the response rate.

  1. Discount codes

Flash deals and discount codes are a great way to increase brand awareness and generate demand. By including a strong call-to-action and time constraint, you can create a sense of urgency for people to respond to your campaigns.

Many social media optimization companies are adopting this as a way to combat skyrocketing cart abandonment rates, but it is also highly relevant in the B2B space as well.

Discount codes can also allow you to get even more granular in your attribution reporting. By assigning unique codes for each social channel, you can track which platform directed the most traffic.