Video marketing has already taken the digital marketing world by storm. It is a fact well known for long that visual content produces more engagement. In recent years, or so to say the last decade has seen some of the major changes in the marketing world. Here, we not only mean the digital marketing world but every form of marketing.

The extensive use of internet in every sphere of businesses, more and more social media presence of people around the world, the world shrinking to the size of a mobile phone due to intensive networking through the internet, all these are some of the factors which have led this change. We’re pretty sure that if we compare the market scenario to that of 5 years ago, we would find plenty of things changed. The reason for this lies in the internet and other technological advancements.

With digital marketing becoming more and more popular, there have been many trends in recent years which have led to the evolution of pattern even in the digital sphere. New forms of marketing keep coming up each year. Like content marketing which made its ways a few years back with a bang, the next big thing in the digital marketing world is video marketing. We’re sure that most of you must be familiar with this term by now.

Video is one of the most powerful visual content which manages to attract people’s attention and hence earns their engagement. Now imagine if you use this for your promotion of marketing, how much engagement you will manage to earn? That’s the power of video marketing and with time, it is not only a plus point but has also become a necessity for digital marketers for effective engagement.

If you still do not have any scope of the video marketing in your marketing plan, it’s the high time that you should. Still not convinced? Read below and find out why video marketing should be an essential part of your marketing list lately.

Boosted sales and conversion rate

Since video is one of the most powerful visual content, there’s not a single doubt that it will result in more engagement. The result of more engagement will inevitable more sales, better conversion rate. So, are we saying that the ultimate solution to boost your sale is video marketing? Of course not, but it can really work well to figure out most of the things. Talking about the statistics in general terms, video on your landing page can increase the conversion rate by almost 80%. This is surely a whopping number when it comes to conversion. According to studies, 75% of the people who landed on the product video ended up buying it. So it’s clear, the better your video marketing, the better will be your sales.

It helps your customer to have a better understanding of your product

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, a crisp explainer video will do a lot in helping your potential customers have a better understanding of it. The more they understand your product, the more will they be inclined towards buying it and hence, the more will you profit. It helps you to engage and communicate with the mass audience in a better way at the same time. Therefore, effectively communicating your message to them through audio-visual means.

Helps in the stepping-up your SEO game

It is reported that by 2021, nearly 80% of the online traffic will be from videos. This in itself tells the growing importance of ‘video marketing’ in today’s time. And this is actually just a number, there are way more things that video marketing does to help the SEO of any website. A transcript on your video is an added advantage. While the video will do its part of engaging the customers, the transcript will do it’s in helping people reach and find your video. This indeed works great if you also add a strong and effective meta description, content and the right keywords.

Video creates a good brand image

Including video on your website or landing pages will not only improve the search engine optimization of your website, but it will also help in creating a strong and good brand image. It is observed that people tend to build trust with companies and websites who regularly post descriptive and explanatory videos on their website or blogs. This helps in creating a good and trustworthy brand image among the customers. The more they with you, the more they trust you. Hence, it will certainly work in influencing them to click on the call-to-action button.

Great for mobile users

Today, more than half of the people browse the internet through their phone in their leisure time. When your video is optimized for mobile, you can significantly receive a high traffic on your website. Most of the people like to watch the video while travelling or on the go and they do it costly on their mobile phones. As the number of people using the smartphones is rising continuously, so is the audience for the mobile-optimized engaging video and hence the chances of your video marketing campaign to come to fail decreases significantly.