Be it Diwali, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan or Eid, Brands never leave any opportunity to make the best out of the digital media. Since India is the land of festivals and occasions, there are a number of events and occasions to celebrate and cherish. Therefore, it also gives an opportunity to various brands to connect with their target audience in an emotional manner and hence ultimately increase their sales. 

Marketing trends to watch for Raksha Bandhan 

The various marketing trends that brands use to increase their sales on Raksha Bandhan and connect with the mass audience on larger and emotional terms are worth watching. In fact, many experts and marketers often love to keep an eye on the various marketing strategies that the brands adopt to make any festival a trend of their own brand

These strategies are working quite great in order to spread not only brand awareness but also label a particular brand as a reliable and engaging one. Whether it increases the sale or not, it definitely increases the connection between the brands and the customers and works great in the long-term as buyers seem to have been touched and moved with the thoughtful marketing and ads. 

It’s that time of the year again. We’re just a few days away from the great Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandha or often called as Rakshi is a festival that celebrates and cherishes the eternal, sacred and the beautiful bond shared by the brothers and sisters. Being a very important festival in India celebrated by a number of people, it does gives an opportunity for an amazing marketing strategy

A great marketing opportunity!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival when the sister ties a sacred thread called Rakhi on the wrist of her brother. The thread symbolises her love, wishes and prayers for his brother’s long life. In return, she receives a gift as a token of love from her brother along with a promise pf protecting her for life. Since the essence of the festival lies in the bond shared by the brothers and sisters and the promise to protect, brands recently are leveraging this very essence and idea to create something unique which breaks away the stereotypes

Lately, we have seen some of the marketing campaigns for Raksha Bandhan which have been immensely popular. These have not only touched the hearts of the target audience but has also helped brands to connect with them at a more deeper level. This is what helps the brands, in the long run, to build trust and reliability with their target audience. 

How various brands are pulling it off

Brands like Cadbury dairy milk, Dominos, Airtel and Archies have been seen to leverage this festival to it’s best. Talking about the chocolate brand Cadbury, they have created such a powerful and strong influence with their thoughtful and touching ads that celebration of the Raksha Bandhan in many Indian households is almost incomplete without the Cadbury celebrations gift box. 

This is what a thoughtful, efficient and smart digital marketing campaign for Raksha Bandhan has the potential to do. This potential has been well leveraged by the Cadbury in the best way possible. 

There are other brands too which have seemed to play best with this strategy. Among the top list of brands which have used the digital marketing campaigns for Raksha Bandhan to the best are Big Bazar, Airtel, Dominos Pizza, Micromax, Brand Factory, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Ferns n petals, Amazon and Nyka. 

The recent Raksha Bandhan campaigns trends

Tracing out the trends we find that though every brand had their different strategy and approach, one thing has remained similar through the last few years. What has remained similar is the breaking of the stereotypes. Many brands have focussed on breaking the stereotypes and setting a new example for the generation to follow. 

They have aimed at breaking the stereotype of tieing a rakhi only on the brother’s wrist. Instead, some of them have started the campaign encouraging to tie a rakhi on anyone’s wrist who have protected them in some of the other time and in any manner. 

These ads strategies seem to have touched the audience deeply and the result can be seen as they get viral. Now, let us look closely at some of the campaigns which played well on the Raksha Bandhan and have been very strategically executed over some years.  

Some winning past strategies and campaigns

Amazon came up with some of the very engaging and unique marketing strategies. They started their campaign  #DeliverTheLove. It was a series of ads with a short message on Raksha Bandhan. A Grandmother is waiting to meet his brother on Raksha Bandhan and his brother always come with a box of Jamuns for her. Meanwhile, the young man thinks why he has to travel all along just to give the box when he can get it delivered from Amazon

The Grandmother then explains to him that it’s not the Jamuns, but the love, care and affection that he shows to her by meeting her in person. Therefore, amazon insists that while they can deliver anything, this Raksha Bandhan deliver the love by meeting in person and making out time for your loved ones. 

Big Bazar came up with some mind-blowing and winning strategy for their Raksha Bandhan Ad campaign. In an ad as short as 26 seconds, they manage to address and connect with a large audience. The Ad shows a security guard at the Big Bazar who watched a lady having trouble to find an auto in rain. The next moment the guard comes with an auto rikshaw and helps the lady to reach home. In the next few seconds, we see the lady tieing the rakhi on the guard’s wrist. Big bazar promoted a new approach to the celebration of Raksha Bandhan

Cadbury is one of the brands which comes up with some unique and amazing ideas for the Raksha Bandhan campaign each year. The brand and it’s Raksha Bandhan campaigns have become so popular among people that many people actually wait to see what they have in store for this year. It also helps them to place their chocolate gifting boxes on the top list of Raksha Bandhan gifts preferred by many people all around the nation. 

Isn’t it something amazing? Well, that’s what good branding and a planned marketing campaign on festivals can do. Raksha Bandhan offers a great opportunity to connect with your audience and come up with some amazing strategies to mesmerize them! 

They promoted the idea of tieing the Rakhi on not just your brother’s wrist, but to anyone who has helped you, protected you and safeguarded you at any point of time. This idea and unique approach touched many hearts instantly and were very successful in spreading the message that is intended. 

There are many such brands who won the hearts of the mass audience by running not just successful but also unique and thoughtful campaigns most of which aimed at breaking the stereotypes. Bajaj Allianz general insurance group is another one that ran an ad which was not only thoughtful but was also very strategic. It showed a sister gifting her brother an insurance policy to safeguard and protect her brother’s future. 

These kinds of Raksha Bandhan digital marketing campaigns have proved to be one of the best ways to connect with the target audience. They help in not just increasing your brand awareness, but also to increase your sales in the longer runs. 

So, how are you planning to run this Raksha Bandhan campaign for your brand? We hope we’ve given some inspiration. Have we missed out on some of the important recent Raksha Bandhan campaigns? Tell us in the comments section below!